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How to Prepare Your Investment Property for Summer

How to Prepare Your Investment Property for Summer

By Norah Gibson

With the summer holiday period fast approaching, now is the perfect time to prepare your investment property for the warmer months. Here are some simple but effective ways to protect your property and increase your chances of securing and retaining good tenants.

1. Security Alarms & Locks
With many tenants likely to travel during summer, keeping your investment property secure should be a top priority. Check that the security alarm system is operating properly and all door and window locks work. If your property has security screens, you should also inspect them to determine if any repairs or upgrades are needed. In the instance that you do not have proper security in place, you should consider installing some measures for yours and your tenant’s peace of mind.

2. Air Conditioning
It goes without saying that tenants want a functioning air conditioning system during summer. With the weather heating up, you should inspect the system to make sure it is working. If your property has an air conditioning unit, change the filter and check that the exterior condenser has enough space around it. If your property has a ducted system, make sure you remove any obstructions, such as furniture, that may block the air vents. You can also hire a contractor to undertake these repairs to ensure that your tenants remain cool over summer.

3. Smoke Alarms
As the landlord, it is your responsibility to install and maintain your investment property’s smoke alarms. With the bushfire season already here, your property’s smoke alarms and fire safety equipment must be fully operational. We recommend hiring a smoke alarm inspector to carry out the necessary tests to ensure that you adhere to all legislative requirements. If your property is tenanted, your property manager will also contact your tenants to remind them to replace each unit’s batteries and check they are working. Doing this helps protect both your property and your tenants.

4. Gutters
Clearing out your investment property’s gutters can also help reduce its fire risk while making the rental look more attractive. A build-up of debris poses a fire hazard and can cause blockages. We recommend that you or a contractor clean your property’s gutters now to minimise the risk of water damage, structural damage and mildew, and keep your tenants safe during bushfire season.

5. Garden
Since summer means more alfresco entertaining, tenants want a well-maintained and functional outdoor area. If your investment property has a garden, consider refreshing it by removing weeds, planting more flowers and adding new mulch. If there is an entertaining area, you should inspect the deck, clean any lighting, add some furniture and check that the barbeque is working. These easy fixes can go a long way in boosting your property’s appeal and keeping your tenants happy over summer.

6. Pool
If your investment property has a pool, your tenants will undoubtedly use it a great deal over summer. While your tenant is responsible for its general maintenance, as the landlord, you are responsible for ensuring that it meets all safety measures. You should check that the pool’s fencing and signage are correct and adhere to legislation. As well, inspect around the pool area for damage, such as broken tiles, that a contractor may need to repair before the summer holiday period begins.

These simple but effective measures can help you protect your property and make it more appealing to tenants during summer and beyond. If you would like to learn more about preparing your investment property for the warmer monthscontact us today. Our team can help you engage professional contractors to assist with the recommended services and ensure that you comply with all legislative requirements.

Thinking of Selling?

Thinking of Selling?